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GetawayGuru Guiding Services

Getaway Guru is a professionally registered Tourist Guiding Company. Simon will accompany guests who are travelling through or visiting Southern Africa, providing visitors with information or comments with regard to the places or objects visited.

When utelising the Services of a Tour Guide…

Legal: A professional South African Tour Guide needs to comply with the Tourist Guiding legislation. All South African Tour Guides need to be able to prove they have the requisite qualifications and should have these available for scrutiny, if required.

Transport: Most Tour Guide Companies own vehicles and these must comply with the Road Traffic Act. There are specific vehicles types required for different tours and each vehicle type must be licensed and have the correct permits. All Driver Guides must be in the possession of a road transportation permit, as well as a public driving permit.

Not sure if your tourist guide is legit: All South African Tour Guides must be registered with the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority (THETA) and the qualification they hold must be in line with current legislation. To make sure that your Tour Guide is Registered, you can contact your Provincial Registrar of Guides or the THETA (Tourism, Hospitality, Equity, Training Association) in Johannesburg on 011 803 6010.

Ask questions to clarify the above!

If you are uncertain, insist on seeing qualifications & permits where necessary!

Tour Guiding Services

Getaway Guru has an extensive range of service available, which includes Tourist Guiding for the following:

Many of these services include the following areas:

Other services which are unlimited are as follows:

Should you wish to enquire about any of our itineraries or if you are in need of a detailed price list, please feel free to Contact Us. Also, if you do not find what you are looking for let us know and we will glady assist you. All our Guided Tours and Safari Packages can be customized to meet with your schedule, budget and preferred destinations or venues.

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