Wilderness Safaris, Camping Safaris and more…

Travelling to distant places might seem daunting to some, so allow me to put you at ease and assist in your planning. My Wilderness Safari (or Camping Safaris) itineraries are created around your personal needs and are priced to be easy on the pocket. With everything taken care of you are given the utmost freedom and peace of mind to enjoy your wilderness safari time with me.

GetawayGuru offers South African Tours & African Safaris

‘Getaway Guru’ offers mainly camping safaris, which are simplistic and/or exclusive. Why camping safaris, you might ask? Well, the answer is easy, whilst on a safari one would expect reliable and affordable, yet comfortable accommodation in areas where wildlife is plentiful and the backdrop scenery is magical. This is where a camping safari beats any other form of wilderness safari. On our Safaris you are provided reliable transport, comfortable tented or chalet styled accommodation and wholesome food.

Safaris in Botswana, Swaziland, Mozambique, Kenya and South Africa

Let’s face it; a wilderness safari wouldn’t be the same if you weren’t camping in the bush!

On Safari I believe in getting the most out of each location, which means getting up at the crack of dawn and enjoying the crispness of the early morning whilst enjoying the African Sunrise. Sit back as we drive you in your 4×4 vehicle in an early morning game drive, with the hope of seeing Africa’s precious wildlife. Sufficient time is given after the game drive for you to warm up in the rising sun whilst enjoying your favourite cuppa and a scrumptious bush-styled picnic breakfast.

A day on a wilderness safari comprises searching for predators, birds, fauna and flora and for anything else you may wish to view. The great African Bush has so much more to offer than just the “Big Five” and no matter where you are there is always something for everyone to enjoy. Fulfilling your needs and expectations is priority on our camping Safaris and therefore, each safari is designed to do just that. We make every effort to ensure your comfort & pleasure!


Below are a couple of places I would love you to visit with me:

South Africa
South Africa and the Kruger National Park: Highlights include a Cultural Safari to Soweto and a step back in time. We also visit Nelson Mandela’s House before meandering through the Drakensberg Mountains of Mpumalanga and into the Kruger National Park.

The Kingdom of Swaziland: Highlights include a visit to the one of the oldest mines in the world Ngwenya Iron Mine and to the famous Ngwenya Glass Works. Also enjoy a Village Safari into the heart of the Milwane Game Reserve.

Mozambique highlights include a City Safari of Maputo and surrounds; this includes a tour of the old markets and historical buildings of which the Portuguese were so proud. Thereafter, enjoy an overnight trip to Inhaca Island.

4×4 Safaris
4×4 safaris are self-guided. I will personally host and take care of you whilst you enjoy the safari in your own time and at your leisure. It is you who will drive in your own or a rented 4×4, under my supervision. I pamper you and lead you on your journey, setting up your campsite (If we sleep in the wild on a camping safari), cook you scrumptious meals and while sitting around the campfire, share stories about the sightings of the day. Destinations include South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique. Should your choice be another safari destination in Africa, let me know and I will tailor make a wilderness safari to suit your needs.